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Dropkick Murphys singer apparently beats fan with bass guitar on stage

The Dropkick Murphys played a St. Patrick’s Day concert at New York City’s Terminal 5. The venue allowed fans to climb onto the stage, something most venues have not allowed since the 90s. Cell phone video appears to show Singer Ken Casey assault a fan and then slam a bass guitar into the man. After what appears to be a serious felonious assault, Casey accuses the victim of being “a nazi.”

Ironically the Dropkick Murphy’s are heavily routed in skinhead subculture. The band even have a song titled “Skinhead on the MBTA,” which was performed right before the assault took place. Since most people have only heard of “neo-nazi skinheads” from Hollywood movies, the band itself has been accused of being “nazis” themselves for their nearly twenty year existence.

Hollywood gossip website TMZ declared the victim to be a real life “Nazi Skinhead,” and claims he was “seig heiling.” TMZ lists no source and does not explain how they came to the conclusion that the man was “seig heiling.” Anyone who has been to this kind of concert knows that anything the man yelled from the stage would not have been heard more than six inches from his mouth.

In the 1980s and early 90s it was not uncommon for large numbers of fans to climb on the stage during punk rock concerts. Some bands had members who would attack fans on stage. Particularly if a fan stripped over a cord or knocked over a monitor. It seems more likely that Ken Casey simply thought it would be fun to act like a thug and beat someone up on stage.