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Forbes magazine demands apology for illegal aliens

Forbes magazine publishes an absurd diatribe by militant left-wing/big government “Ayn Rand Capitalist” Harry Binswanger.

Binswanger compares the treatment of illegal aliens in the US to the Jewish Holocaust. He says that US treatment of illegal aliens, ie free health care, food stamps, higher wages, greater leniency towards criminal acts than what is granted to our own citizens, ect, constitutes a war crime.

Binswanger does not mention how illegal aliens are treated in Mexico. If they are lucky, they will only spend dime in a filthy prison cell. However the Mexican law enforcement typical rob them first and often rape the younger women.

Forbes should be the one issuing an apology. An apology for printing such incendiary vitriol.

Binswanger combines laissez faire capitalism with big government, US imperialism, foreign regime change, and foaming at the mouth cultural Marxism. Binswanger’s motto is “What you earn is yours by right.” How about the right to have our own nation?

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