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Media gives Kimani Gray the Trayvon Martin treatment

Media censors loaded gun

Many media outlets are completely omitting the fact that Kimani Gray had a loaded gun. A powerful .357 that was not registered to him or any member of his family. According to the police report, he pointed the gun directly at the police.

Media portrays cops are shooting to many times

When a person is forced to fire their gun in self-defense, it is normal for that person to unload numerous rounds. A homeowner or business owner will typically continue firing until their gun is empty. The firing of seven bullets by two officers is consisted with a typical self-defense shooting and does not suggest any kind of bloodlust.

Media censors race of “racist” cop

Both cops who fired on Kimani Gray are non-white. One is black and one is Latino.

Media hides major criminal record

Kimani Gray had been arrested three times, just since last October. He has been charged with grand larceny and inciting a riot. This is being reported in the British media, but not the US media!

Media uses “undated” photo that shows a small child

Rather than use a recent photo, the media have all latched onto a very old “undated” photo.

Does this look like a 16 year old too you?