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Victory! Wisconsin DPI deletes online library of “white privilege” articles

WI DPI*VISTA manager Kristine Nadolski is still hiding from her phone, but that doesn’t mean your phone calls didn’t work. Just the fact that people were leaving messages has sent the managers at Wisconsin DPI scrambling. First they deleted the individual flyer advocating that white students wear “white privilege” wristbands.

We told you to keep the heat on. Now they have deleted the entire library of extremely offensive and incendiary “white privilege” articles.

The entire library has simply been replaced by a revised version of the gaslight note, claiming the “white privilege” wristband flyer is  “misinformation being spread by an out-of-state entity.”

However, there is no telling what is actually being taught to Wisconsin public school students. Conservatives need to keep a close watch.

Yesterday Wisconsin State Superintendent Tony Evers called for an end to the state income tax cut and school vouchers, and for the money to be used for public schools. Evers is very anti-private school. Evers wants to force all children to go to public schools so they can be subjected to the DPI’s radical political propaganda. The people running DPI are on the extreme left. Just because they deleted the anti-white hate articles from their official website, does not mean they aren’t teaching the same materials in the public schools.

Note: Unlike most states, the governor of Wisconsin does not control public education. The Wisconsin State Constitution was revised in 1901 to set up the DPI as a quasi-4th branch of government. Only the legislature has the power to reign it in.

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