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Wisconsin State Government is funding hatred against white people

Tony Evers

Wisconsin has a government agency called the Department of Public Instruction [DPI]. It is run by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers.

Within this state funded entity is something called the “DPI – VISTA Project,” run by Kristine Nadolski. This project openly uses tax dollars to incite hatred against white people.

Here the DPI * VISTA has a wide selection of vicious anti-white materials online. They include numerous items from Tim Wise. This man recently called for his followers to shoot members of the Florida TEA Party in the face. It also includes materials from the SPLC, which promotes hatred against traditional Christians. The DC terrorist who attacked the FRC headquarters said he was motivated by the SPLC.

If you look at the documents of the DPI *VISTA list, they openly promote hatred against white people. The main theme is that all white people are oppressing non-whites, even if they don’t know it.  The documents also teach that if black people exhibit racist attitudes, it is actual white people’s fault.

DPI * VISTA is using taxpayer dollars to train people on “white privilege.”

Kristine Nadolski personally endorses a document calling on white students to wear “white privilege” wristbands. It also calls on white students to “find a person of color who is willing to hold you accountable for addressing privilege.”


Contact the DPI:

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DPI*VISTA Project Manager Kristine Nadolski
Phone: (608) 267-7290

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The Wisconsin state government is using taxpayer dollars to promote the works of Tim Wise.


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