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Black thugs commit three more hate crime mob attacks in Jacksonville, FL

These three attacks came on the heels of another black mob attack on an elderly white man in Jacksonville. A 56 year old white man was brutally attacked by a black mob last Saturday in the same area.

Watch as the local media censors the race of the dangerous at large attackers. If the races had been reversed, this would be a major national news story. The media would scream “hate crime.” Make no mistake. These are racially motivated hate crimes, and the media does not want you to know it is happening. Many major media outlets openly confess to censoring black crime!

Fox 30 WAWS thinks you are too stupid to figure out that the perps are blacks attacking white people.

Call WAWS at 904-996-0450 and tell them you want real news, not censorship that puts the public at greater danger!