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DC Terrorist cites SPLC as major influence


There is a manifesto that has appeared on the internet with picture of spree killer Dylann Roof. The site is hosted in Australia and features a picture from an Australian movie on the splash page. The domain name is registered in Russia. The man who discovered the site is a self-proclaimed communist. The server log shows that the manifesto was edited at 4:44 p.m. on the day of the murder spree. The FBI is still trying to determine in Dylann Roof is the true author. The alleged manifesto mentions this website as the first site Dylann found when typing “black on white crime” into google. The SPLC has declared that the CofCC is guilty of inspiring the spree shooting.

However, after the “DC Terrorist” launched his attack on the headquarters of the Family Research Center, he told law enforce that he launched the attack after reading about the group on the SPLC website. The SPLC completely washed their hands and declared that their rhetoric played no part. The media gave the SPLC a free pass. The “DC Terrorist” was quickly swept under the rug.

DC Terrorist Floyd Corkins telling FBI agents that he was driven to attack the Family Research Center after reading the hate-filling rhetoric of the SPLC.