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Freefall collapse begins in California

Stockton, California is the largest US city to declare bankruptcy. It has about 300k people. Between 2000 and 2010 the population increased by 50k. The percentage of white people went from 43% to 23%.

Much of the city lives on while welfare, while the politicians and government employee labor unions loot the city coffers. The city has a staggering $900 million municipal employee pension liability. The rapid expansion of the public workforce, combined with runaway increases in benefits for these employees, is the same thing that sent the nation of Greece into collapse.

A court ruling granting Stockton the right to enter chapter 9 bankruptcy has triggered a chain reaction. Several other California cities are now filing for bankruptcy as well. This includes San Bernadino, which has 210k people, of whom only 19% are white.

It is no surprise that the cities with the fewest white people are in the worst shape. The CofCC predicted this would happen twenty years ago.