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Obama swoops in to protect Saudi Arabia from bombing fallout

Photos from the Boston Marathon do not suggest that the Saudi student under guard at Brigham & Woman’s hospital is the one who planted the bomb. However, Obama has personally taken an interest in protecting the reputation of Saudi Arabia.

Obama had a secret unscheduled meeting with the Saudi diplomatic team. Now Obama is deporting the Saudi national “for national security reasons.” There could be multiple reasons for deporting the Saudi national. The most obvious is to keep him out of the news in order to keep Saudi Arabia out of the news.

Last month Obama made it easier for Saudi Arabians to get VISAs than most Europeans. Obama has a special affinity for the Saudi rulers. A man who helped pay for Barack Obama’s college education was a black power activist lawyer who represented the Saudi princes in the US. When visiting the Saudi King, Obama bowed to him. Obama is the first president in US history to bow before a foreign King.