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Retired Marine dies while stopping shooting spree

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An 18 year old black male went on a shooting spree at bar in Havelock, NC, hitting six people. A 39 year white male was killed. Todd North, a retired Marine, returned fire and drove the shooter out of the bar before perishing from his wounds.


Investigators said an 18-year-old Havelock High School student shot and killed a retired Marine at a bar over the weekend. Six people, including the gunman, were injured, according to police.

Officers arrested 18-year-old Jonathan Richard Pugh and charged him with one count of murder. Pugh allegedly shot and killed 39-year-old Todd North, of Havelock, who served in the Marine Corps for about 20 years.

According to police, North was working as a bouncer at “Flyers,” on the 400 block of Fontana Blvd., when a fight broke out inside the bar early Sunday morning. Staff members then escorted several people outside. A short time later, Pugh, armed with a handgun, opened fire at the people inside the building, police said.

“He stepped right in front of the door,” bartender Lisa Taylor said. “Even up until his last breath, he was trying to lock the door so the guy couldn’t get in.”

North was shot and killed while trying to shield other people from gunfire, police said. Before he died, North returned fire at the shooter, injuring the suspect, according to investigators. The suspect was then taken to a hospital.

Five other people were injured: two were hit directly by bullets and three were wounded by bullet fragments, police said. They were taken to CarolinaEast Medical Center.