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Slapped on the wrist after purposely running over three people

Photo from Southeast Missourian

Perp made cell phone videos bragging about his plan to hit pedestrians with a car. Still given a plea deal for one count of felony assault. The media has censored the race of the victims. However the attack took place in an area that is 80% white.

From Southeast Missourian…

An Arkansas man on Tuesday pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge in connection with an Oct. 28 incident in which he is accused of stealing a car and running down three joggers in Cape Girardeau.

Vincent T. Anderson, 19, faces up to 15 years in prison.

Prosecutors initially charged Anderson with five felony counts but amended the first charge to include all three victims and dropped the remaining charges in exchange for an admission of guilt.

Anderson was accused of stealing a 1994 Ford Thunderbird from Kidd’s convenience store on Broadway and deliberately driving it into a group of joggers, striking three of them — Southeast Missouri State University provost Ron Rosati, Paul Schell and Laura Sheridan.

None of the victims was seriously injured.

According to court documents, police took a smartphone from Anderson’s passenger, Marcus E. Jones, 27, that contained videos in which the men talked about stealing the vehicle and hitting pedestrians.