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SPLC “white supremacist gangs” claim completely debunked by FBI data

1) The SPLC has a history of hyping “white supremacist” threats that are complete hoaxes. The SPLC and CNN hyped the infamous Hal Turner as being a “white supremacist” with a large following. In reality, he had absolutely no following, and was a paid actor. The FBI now admits to paying Hal Turner to perform as a Hollywood movie-like “white supremacist.” Other major “white supremacists” threats hyped by the SPLC have also turned out to be law enforcement research/sting operations. While other “threats” hyped have had no substance whatsoever.

2) The SPLC has been hyping “white supremacist” gangs as if they were the biggest gang threat. According to the FBI, Latinos now make up 50% of all membership in criminal gangs. Whites make up less than ten, and that includes Persians, Arabs, Albanians, Turks, and others.

3) The SPLC never calls black gangs “black supremacist.” Many black gangs, especially black prison gangs, espouse the Nation of Islam beliefs that blacks are a superior race and white are biological “devils.”

4) Despite absurd claims by the SPLC, white prison gang membership is a small fraction of black and Latino prison gang membership. White prison gang membership is only high in prisons where whites are a tiny minority. In these prisons white inmates face a constant threat of physical violence at the hands of black and Latino gang members.

5) The SPLC falsely portrays the high level white prison gang “Aryan Brotherhood” as a politically motivated gang, This is blatantly false and the SPLC knows it. The gang operates to make money off of criminal enterprises. The gang has alliances with Latino gangs both inside and outside of prison.

6) The SPLC can’t find any real “white supremacist” threats, so they have to invent fake ones. Their fundraising depends on it.


Yet in that coverage, the mainstream media has gone to great lengths to label ad-infinitum the Aryan Brotherhood as a “white supremacist” group, implying a racial motivation. The AB, even if involved at all, however, may have been motivated not by a “white supremacist” philosophy, but rather by something more mundane. Evidence suggests that the Aryan Brotherhood has morphed into what is primarily a drug-trafficking gang, and there is a more frightening possibility: that the Aryan Brotherhood is acting as a conduit, doing the dirty work for a Mexican drug cartel’s criminal insurgency into the United States.

In November of last year, for example, an Aryan Brotherhood member went on the record stating that he had helped smuggle hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine across the border from Mexico. According to the Mexican newswire Notimex, the AB member “stated that he had some important connections with Mexican drug cartels.”

On Tuesday of this week, a federal task force apprehended an Aryan Brotherhood “general” who “had ounces of crystal methamphetamine” on him at the time of his arrest.

Moreover, since many Republicans and Democrats seek a compromise on immigration reform in short order, it is not surprising that politicians are themselves ignoring the possible connection between the murders and the Mexican cartels, with the notable exception of Governor Rick Perry. After all, if Americans were to find out that the Mexican cartels are operating on U.S. soil, it would likely change the immigration debate and could potentially delay a deal indefinitely.

In fact, ample evidence suggests that the AB does not typically operate under racial motivations, and they have a history of working with the Mexican cartels. On the condition on anonymity, several law enforcement personnel from the FBI and other agencies confirmed with Breitbart News that the Aryan Brotherhood’s criminal activities are seldom driven by race; their focuses are drug and sex trafficking, as well as murder-for-hire.

The FBI has declassified 156 pages of internal documents that shed light on the inner workings of the Aryan Brotherhood from its inception in the late 1960s through the 1980s. The documents show that the AB is known for engaging in brutal, high-profile killings to impress upon foreign narcotics cartels and other organized crime groups that they are the best organization to handle a domestic US ground game.