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British police responds to Muslim terror by arresting white conservatives for thought crimes

This man is a protected minority and is not committing a thought crime. However, you can be charged with a crime for criticizing him.

British police in Avon and Somerset conducted nighttime raids to arrest two men for anti-Muslim thought crime on twitter. Police say charges are pending under the anti-thought crimes, Public Order Act.

Police threatened more thought crimes charges and demanded that the public “stop and think about what they say on social media.”

This is the same Britain where Muslim immigrants are allowed ave Al-Qaeda flag in public and scream death threats at the British people with impunity.

From UK Independent…

Two men have been released on bail after their arrest for allegedly making offensive comments on Twitter about the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich.

Complaints were made to police about comments that appeared on the social networking website, which were of an allegedly racist or anti-religious nature.

The men, a 23-year-old and a 22-year-old, were held under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred.

Detective Inspector Ed Yaxley of Avon and Somerset police said: “On Wednesday evening, we were contacted by people concerned about comments made on social media accounts.

“We began inquiries into the comments and at around 3.20am two men, aged 23 and 22, were detained at two addresses in Bristol.

“The men were arrested under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred. Our inquiries into these comments continue.