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Friend of Boston bomber wanted to turn himself in and confess. FBI shoots and kill him

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As if the Boston Bombings werenot  suspicious enough, the FBI shoot and killed a man who wanted to confess to committing murders with Tamerlan.

Ibragim Todashev said he helped Boston Bombing suspect  Tamerlan Tsarnaev murder three men in 2011. Some in the media had speculated that Tamerlan murdered the three because they were Jewish. Todashev claimed that all parties were involved in drug deals. He said that Tamerlan and himself had a falling out with the men and killed all three.

However, the FBI shot and killed Todashev while he was giving them a statement. The FBI says that Todashev attacked them with a knife while giving his murder confession.

Most people would assume that if a man wants to confess to committing triple murder, you would search him for weapons before you sit down. Possibly even handcuff him. Yet, the FBI says he pulled out a knife during his confession and attacked. The FBI says no agent suffered any serious injured and painted Todashev as a formidable mixed martial artist.

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