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Monsanto/GMO protested in 400 cities worldwide

Americans protested GMO crops in over 250 cities. CofCC members participated in several demonstrations.

There were also protests in about 150 more cities in foreign nations.

Associated Press estimates that two million people participated in protests against Monsanto and GMO.

Monsanto is has been given special treatment by the Obama administration, and the company is closely tied to both parties. Critics say a new law places Monsanto in charge of regulating itself, and grants MOnsanto immunity from lawsuits. The US State Department under Hillary Clinton has used taxpayer funds to lobby foreign governments for Monsanto. The effort was exposed by wikileaks who published stolen classified cables for the US State Department. US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a former Monsanto lawyer, but has refused to recluse himself for over a half dozen cases involving Monsanto and/or GMO.