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Obama scandals exploding

Fast & Furious – Obama administration facilitated the arming of the brutal Sinaola Mexican drug cartel. Two members of American law enforcement have killed scores of Mexicans

Benghazi – US embassy attacked by a militia that the US Federal government was most likely funding. White House ordered stand down and allowed the ambassador and three others to die. White House and State Department lied about the events for months

Boston Bombing – Multiple Federal agencies ignored warnings from Russian and Saudi Arabia that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was actively planned to commit terrorism. Tsarnaev was even included on a list of people whom Saudi intelligence believed to be the top four most dangerous terrorists in the United States. No one in the Obama administration even bothered to notify the Boston police.

AP Spying – The Obama administration illegally spied on the Associated Press to hunt for Federal whistleblowers

IRS Vendetta – IRS agents given free reign to harass and persecute Obama’s enemies