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Obama sends Federal police to intimidate Cincinnati IRS workers

Reporters from ABC were allowed inside the Cincinnati IRS office, which was used as a national command center to harass and persecute conservatives and TEA Party groups.

However, Obama sent Federal police to watch everything. The only purpose of the Federal police would be to intimidate IRS employees from talking to reporters. The Obama administration recently spied on the Associated Press to hunt for whistleblowers. The administration is prosecuting whistleblowers like no other administration in US history.

From Fox News…

Monday afternoon, ABC News released a chilling report that details what journalists have faced while trying to get some answers from the Cincinnati IRS office, which is where a majority of the Tea Party targeting took place.

According to ABC, an “armed uniform police officer with the Federal Protective Service” “escorted” reporters through the public building. ABC says if the intent wasn’t to “scare off” employees who might talk, “it was the effect.”

ABC News is also hearing conflicting reports from Cincinnati IRS employees and the IRS Headquarters in Washington. A Washington spokesman told ABC that press queries are “referred to the press office,” but that “people have First Amendment rights, they are entitled to speak.”

An employee in OH said that is not the case and that staffers have been threatened with their jobs if they are caught talking to the media:

At the [Cincinnati] IRS office on the fourth floor, a woman who answered the buzzer referred reporters to officials in Washington, though they were not returning very many calls. That staffer also said she was not allowed to speak to anyone – a line that was repeated by agency personnel during the week.