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Shoplifter in Macon, GA severely maims own four year old child so she can steal a few t-shirts

Arkebia Albury. Photo from


A 25-year-old Macon woman allegedly fleeing store security ran over her 4-year-old son in the parking lot of the Houston County Galleria in Centerville.

Arkebia Albury faces multiple charges, and the boy is in critical condition with injuries to his head and internal organs, Centerville Police Chief Sidney Andrews said.

“The child is in bad shape,” Andrews said. “It wasn’t looking too good.”

The youngster remained in critical condition late Friday afternoon.

Thursday night, a Belk loss prevention officer followed Albury into the parking lot as she, the boy and a younger child were heading toward her car.

As the officer told her to stop, she cranked up the four-door 2001 Toyota Camry, but only the younger child, who is about 2, had made it into the passenger side, Andrews said.

As the security officer rushed to the injured boy, the mother got out and tried to pick him up, ignoring the officer’s pleas to leave him where he was until an ambulance could get there.

“She picks the little boy up and throws him in the car and drives off,” Andrews said.