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SPLC defends violent Marxist gang members

ARA gang members. The SPLC says they are "flawed freedom fighters" and a "constructive force."

ARA gang members. The SPLC says they are “flawed freedom fighters” and a “constructive force.”

SPLC admits that the ARA, a group they have been actively promoting on their website, ¬†engages in serious mob violence. However, they romanticize the violence and never explicitly condemn it. The SPLC praises the gang as a “constructive force,” and downplays the gang’s violence.

For a while now the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] has been actively promoting a violent gang network known as ARA/Antifa. The SPLC website posts interviews with the gangs leaders, who are portrayed as righteous good guys, and posts links to the gangs main US website. The website that the SPLC has been promoting has a thirteen year history of promoting and encouraging violence. The webmaster was present at the scene of a violent felony attack on a conservative activist in Pennsylvania last year. The webmaster was also part of a recent demonstration against the American Renaissance conference, in which two people held signs explicitly glorifying murder.

Even after SPLC spokesman Mark Potok told the media that the gang network “did more harm than good,” the SPLC website has continued to promote them.

The headline article in the SPLC’s new “Intelligence Report” is a shout out to ARA/Antifa. ARA, which stands for Anti-Racist Action, and Antifa are umbrella names for a large international network of violent Marxist gangs. The network includes gangs with patched members, as well as casual participants. The SPLC openly admits that the group is violent and commits mob attacks. The SPLC says the violence by the network “goes back decades.” However the SPLC refuses to condemn them. The SPLC romanticizes them as “flawed freedom fighters,” and says they are a “constructive force.”

While admitting that the ARA/Antifa gang network is violent, the SPLC only mentions physical assaults. There have also been multiple murders and attempted murders committed by members of the gang network.

The SPLC downplays the brutal Tinley Park restaurant attack that occurred last year. About eighteen masked ARA members stormed a Chicago area restaurant swinging baseball bats and metal clubs at diners. A group calling itself the “Illinois Heritage Association,” was having a meeting at the restaurant. Nearly half the victims were not even part of the meeting. One of the victims was an elderly woman. The manager of the restaurant was attacked and brutally kicked and stomped while laid on the ground.

The SPLC does not actually condemn the attack. They simply refer to the brutal mob attack “bad choices.” The SPLC even seems to try justify the attack by including outlandish anecdotal claims of “skinhead” violence. ¬†The SPLC makes multiple claims about the Tinley Park assault that are fictional. They even falsely claims that some of the victims of the assault were members of the Council of Conservative Citizens. This claim is not true. Perhaps the SPLC staff is simply fantasizing about violence against CofCC members and wanted members of the group to be among the victims. The SPLC has a long history of publishing falsehoods about the CofCC.

This is the gang insignia of the Indiana ARA.

This is the gang insignia of the Indiana ARA.

The SPLC profiles a member of HARM, the Indiana branch of the ARA. He is portrayed as a good guy, even though he refuses to even give his real name. The SPLC does not mention that the insignia of HARM includes two crossed baseball bats. The profile picture for the HARM twitter account, which might be run by the same guy the SPLC profiled, has a picture of a wrench with the word “direct action gets the goods.” The twitter account has thousands of tweets, many of which are extremely violent.

The SPLC is specifically talking about HARM when they describe the ARA as a “constructive force.” Five members of HARM are currently in prison for their roles in the brutal Tinley Park attack.

You would think the SPLC would refrain from romanticizing serious criminal violence.

The caustic rhetoric of the SPLC recently inspired an attempted mass murder in Washington DC against the Family Research Council. Fortunately the perp was only able to maim one person before he was subdued. The perp is the first person to be charged as a terrorist under DC’s new anti-terrorism law. He told police he decided to target the Family Research Council after reading incendiary rhetoric the SPLC wrote about the group.

You would think the SPLC would refrain from openly romanticizing a violent gang after all the bad press they got.