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Two more white babies murdered by black males

Cody Allan Rollins.

Arrested and charged with beating Cody Rollins, age 2, to death.

Blacks males commit femicide at 9 times the white rate. However, this number is even higher when you look at black male/white female interracial couples. One major study on spousal homicide showed that white females married to black males were victims of femicide at 12.4 times the rate of white females married to white males.

However, it isn’t always the woman who is killed. We constantly see cases where friends, family members, and children of white females involved with black males are killed by the male.

There were just two different incidents of black males killing the babies of white girlfriends. In both cases, the baby is from a previous relationship and is white.

Fox 6 – Alabama – Black male¬†charged with beating his white girlfriend’s two year old to death.

Fox 6 – Milwaukee – Black male arrested for the murder of white girlfriend’s three year old.

Marcus Johnson. Arrested for murder of three year old in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin.

Hunter Wise, 3. Marcus is expected to be charged with his murder shortly. Details have not been released.