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Violent Marxist gangs wreck annual Swiss outdoor dance party

Tanz Dich Frei festival 2012. The crowd was estimated as 20,000.

Switzerland’s annual Tanz Dich Frei (Dance Yourself Free), outdoor dance party was ruining by violent Far-left/Marxist gangs.

The gangs vandalized businesses and attacked police. Their goal was to start a riot and draw the regular party goers into it.

Police say about 7,000 or so people came to the party. The event is in it’s third year, but the crowd was much smaller this year. Last year Marxists vandalized area buildings and police had vowed a larger presence this year.

A group of masked gang members showed up clad in black with black/red “Anarcho-Marxist” flags. The thugs vandalized atms, smashed windows of shops and government buildings. The Swedish embassy had it’s windows smashed. They battled with police. Swiss police arrested sixty-one people. Multiple police officers were hospitalized.

Most of the participants fled to avoid the violence. Twenty people were reported injured. Organizers of the party said that numerous people were hurt when they fled from the violence. Organizers say they pleading with the gangs not to show up. A statement on facebook before the event read “organize your fights somewhere else.”

After police stopped the riot, only a small fraction of the party goers returned to continue dancing.

The Marxists appear to be of the “Che Guevara rich variety.” Many wore high dollar Diesel jeans, and expensive brand name shoes and jackets. All while screaming about capitalism.