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3 ANC Councillors arrested for gruesome witchcraft mutilation/murders

mutikillingsFrom the South African Democratic Alliance Party

The Democratic Alliance is shocked at the arrest of three ANC Councillors and three prominent business people in connection with alleged muthi killings in Ficksburg.

The area was recently overwhelmed by a spate of gruesome killings with four people found dead, mutilated and executed. The Bloemfontein High Court heard today that the victims allegedly had their organs removed and sold by the accused. One of the victims, a pregnant woman was allegedly killed for the purpose of removing her unborn baby.

These allegations are of great concern to the DA as innocent people are alleged to have been victimized and subjected to gruesome killings by their leaders who were supposed to protect them.

We therefore call upon the ANC to immediately take stern action against its members and ensure they are suspended from their duties until they are proven innocent or found guilty by a court of law.

The Democratic Alliance also calls on the authorities to speed up the prosecution process of these individuals in order to restore calm and security in the area.