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Democrats looted half a million in equipment from their own National Convention

dnc2012The Democrats are missing half a million dollars worth of MacBook Pro laptops, iPads, iPod Nanos, computer printers, and BlackBerrys.

The Democratic party loaned $4 million worth of electronics to staff members and delegates for the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Half a million dollars worth was not returned.

The Democratic Party only filed a police report in May 2013 and submitted a list of the missing/stolen goods this week.

From Charlotte Observer…

To stage last year’s Democratic National Convention, the local host committee raised millions of dollars, much of it for computers, phones and other communication devices.

Now it appears a sizable amount of that equipment was lost, stolen – or perhaps kept by the staffers it had been assigned to.

The Democratic National Convention Committee said it recently sent the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department a spreadsheet detailing $496,000 worth of missing equipment. CMPD created an incident report in May.

Among the missing items: MacBook Pro laptops, iPads, iPod Nanos, computer printers, and BlackBerrys.

“It’s commonplace for stuff to go missing,” said Joseph Sandler, a Washington, D.C., attorney handling media calls about the issue for the DNC host committee. “This is very typical, even though we have an inventory system.”

Sandler said he thought the Charlotte losses were higher than usual because of planners prepping two sites for the three-day convention: Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium. President Barack Obama was supposed to deliver his acceptance speech at the football stadium, but the threat of thunderstorms moved the last night of the DNC back to the arena.

Sandler said some of the items may have been inadvertently kept by DNC staffers who had used the equipment for months before the convention. But he said he believes some of the equipment was stolen by people not involved with the convention.

“Some of it may have been stolen, but we don’t know exactly what happened,” he said.