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Were serious crimes by State Dept. officials covered up while Hillary was in charge?

An internal investigation of the Department of State has found evidence that investigations into serious crimes were squash by State Department leaders. Some of the crimes are directly connected to Hillary Clinton herself.

The most shocking claim is that an active US ambassador was accused of soliciting sex with children. The US State Department allegedly ordered a stop to the investigated and protected the ambassador.

A US State Department security official has been accused of committing sexual assaults in countries all over the world. However, the State Department allegedly thwarted investigations.

Another claim is that US contractors at the US embassy in Iraq were buying drugs from a local gang, but the State Department squashed the investigation.

Read more at the CNN website.

This is the same Hillary run State Department that admits to knowing the “underwear bomber” was plotting a terrorist attack, but helped get him on a plane anyway.

This is the same Hillary run State Department that withdrew security from the Benghazi embassy even though there were active threats and a staff member had already been attacked once.

This is the same Hillary that organized demonstrations in college to support Black Panther murder suspects, who were later convicted.