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Every segment of Dutch population says the Netherlands has enough Muslims already

Geert Wilders, head of the Dutch Freedom Party

Only 19% of Dutch believe they are benefiting from Muslim immigration.

The Dutch Party for Freedom, led by maverick Geert Wilders, paid for the most trusted polling firm in the Netherlands to gauge public opinion on Muslim immigration.

The Netherlands is over 5% Muslim, and Muslim immigrants have already set up exclusionary zones patrolled by gangs who enforce Sharia law.

When asked if the Netherlands “had enough Muslims,” a large majority of all seven Dutch political parties say yes. A majority of all income levels said yes. A majority of all education levels said yes.

A majority of the supporters of all six Dutch political parties also said they believed in a constitutional ban of sharia law.

55% of all Dutch favor a total ban on Muslim immigration.

63% of all Dutch are opposed to the building of new Mosques.

72% said they believe there is a correlation between Islam and the recent terrorist acts in Boston, London, and Paris.

When asked if the Netherlands has been “made better/enriched” by Muslims immigrants, 64% said no, and 17% said unsure. Only 19% said yes.

For full results click here. (In Dutch)

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