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More Americans read this website than websites for the SPLC or ADL

winningThe SPLC and the ADL each have annual budgets of over $20 million dollars. Each has dozens of full time employees, with multiple people working on their websites. Each receive huge amounts of positive media coverage and hundreds of links per month from major media websites.

This website enjoys none of those benefits. The CofCC has no full time staff members. Almost all the press we get is negative. Media websites never post links us. SPLC and ADL should be killing us traffic just from huge volume of links they get from major media website alone., the world’s leading authority on web traffic, scores for each website in the nations where the site is ranked. The score literally represents’s estimate of the website ranks against every single other website in that country. For example, CofCC has a US score of 22,234. This means that estimates we are the 22,234th most popular website in the USA.

According to, more Americans visit the CofCC website than the SPLC or ADL websites. This website also gets more traffic in Great Britain, Poland, Germany, and Sweden. The SPLC and the ADL are beating this website in Canada.

However, the American Renaissance website is killing the SPLC and ADL websites in Canada. The American Renaissance website is also beating the SPLC and ADL websites in South Africa, Austria, Sweden, and India.

USA 22,234 31,708 24,775 36,609
Canada 90,773 16,131 52,738 44,937
Great Britain 57,627 137,773 73,373
South Africa 3,783
Austria 33,059
Poland 50,006
Germany 226,467 309,501
Sweden 3,252 4,087
India 68,749
Worldwide 119,724 81,161 106,179 128,850

Notes: Sometimes low scores in small countries like Sweden are not accurate because of the small sample size in those countries.