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NYC cab driver dies after being stabbed in the eye


A New York cab driver reportedly died when a passenger stabbed him in the eye with an umbrella during a robbery, sources said.

The New York Post reports that the cab driver continued to drive for about a block after being gored, ultimately crashing into two parked vehicles on Thomas S. Boyland Street in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn at about 5 p.m. Thursday.

The unidentified driver was later taken in critical condition to Brookdale Hospital, where he died.

NYPD officials are seeking a black male and female in their mid-20s who were in the driver’s 2000 Mercury sedan. The cab had New Jersey plates and was operated by Freedom Car Service, police said.

Video obtained by The Post from a nearby store depicted the couple getting out of the car and walking calmly away as the cab keeps heading slowly down the street.

“I was cooking in kitchen and I heard a loud bang, so I ran to my window,” said Lena Taylor, 51, who lives on the street. “I saw the cabdriver bleeding like crazy. His face was full of blood.”