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Obama administration sues BMW plant for not employing black felons

BMW X3 being manufactured at the Spartanburg, SC plant. The Obama administration objects to the fact that not enough black felons are not being employed at the plant.

The EEOC is suing a BMW plant in Spartanburg, SC. The EEOC says they are discriminating against black people by not employing felons.

The notorious EEOC is a Soviet style commission created to fulfill the unconstitutional mandates of the Civil Rights act. In 2012, without even getting congressional approval, the Obama administration unilaterally added new mandates for the EEOC to enforce. The Obama administration is demanding companies employ dangerous black felons. When manufacturing jobs are targeted, the end results is simply to drive companies outside of the USA. The companies will look for locations where they have the freedom to hire whomever they like.

South Carolina is a favorite target of the Obama administration. The administration tried to prevent Boeing from building a new plant in North Charleston, SC. Obama’s National Labor Board was suing Boeing to try to force the company to create all new manufacturing jobs, related to the Dreamliner project, in Washington. That state is a Democrat and union stronghold. The lawsuit reeked of all kinds of favoritism and was eventually dropped. It seems that the most lucrative manufacturing jobs in South Carolina are being targeted by the Obama administration.

From Fox Carolina…

A federal agency filed a lawsuit against BMW Manufacturing, alleging the company discriminated against African-Americans in the hiring and firing process because of criminal background checks.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), BMW began working with a new logistics company in 2008 and when current employees re-applied to continue working for the new logistics provider, BMW discovered that 88 employees had conviction records, which violated the company’s policy.

BMW’s conviction policy at the time excluded from employment anyone with convictions of certain categories of crimes, regardless of the age of the conviction or making a distinction between felony and misdemeanor convictions, the EEOC said.

The 88 logistics employees were eventually fired and denied a job, 70 of whom were black and disproportionately disqualified from a job, the EEOC said.

The EEOC said BMW violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act with this hiring practice and is seeking lost wages and benefits, as well as reinstatement or front pay for the 69 claimants. The agency said it’s also seeking an order barring future discrimination and other injunctive relief.