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Springboro, Ohio Gun Rights rally this Saturday

Rally‘s REAFFIRMATION OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS RALLY Sat June 29th, 2013. 12-4pm

Bring your signs and flags!! We have 13 speakers confirmed for the Rally to date. 2 More pending as of press time!

Covering a whole wide range of topics. Event will be recorded for video to air in all of S.W. Ohio on TimeWarner Digital ch 991 and YouTube!!

Address to the park is: North Park 195 Tamarack Trail Springboro, Ohio 45066

Covering many topics from Nullifying NDAA, Drones, ObamaCare;

Dangers of GMOs / Monsanto ; No to GMOs and Yes to labeling them

Promoting real farm / dairy products in Ohio;

Drones: Usage Internationally and Domestically and why we need to eliminate them

Our disasterous foreign policy of invading other Sovereign nations for their resources and installing puppet govt’s;

Recognizing Gold and Silver as legitimate currency in the Great Sovereign STATE of Ohio;

Standing by the 2 Admendment 110%;

Why good people need to run for local office even if its dog catcher!;

and more issues!