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Star witness for prosecution in Zimmerman trial tweets about getting high


The government’s star witness in the George Zimmerman prosecution is a 19-year-old Miami woman who has used her Twitter account to occasionally comment about the murder case and this week tweeted followers a photo of her new manicure with the caption “Court nails.”

Rachel Jeantel is expected to soon testify about a phone conversation she had with Trayvon Martin moments before the unarmed teenager was shot to death by Zimmerman onFebruary 26, 2012. Pictured at right, Jeantel, who has been referred to as Martin’s girlfriend, has not been fully identified in advance of her testimony. She has only been referred to in court and legal pleadings as “Rachel,” or, more commonly, “Witness #8.”

This afternoon, after TSG sent messages to several of Jeantel’s Facebook friends and Twitter followers, 14 tweets (and 13 linked Twitpic photos) were deleted from Jeantel’s “@MsRachel_94” account. Included in the deleted material were recent posts mentioning her “Court nails” and the time that had passed since Martin’s death (“16months later wowww I need a drink”). One deleted tweet linked to a sexually suggestive series of photos, while another posting included a link to a photo of liquor bottles and the message “Wat will happen I mix everything uhmmmm.”