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Two pedestrians beaten by mob in Chicago


Two of the suspects.

From DNAInfo Chicago…

Moments later, Townsend and Williams came into the alley and demanded the victims “let go of their friend,” Antonietti said.

The victims refused, Antonietti said. Townsend allegedly started throwing punches, and Williams picked up a piece of wood, breaking it as he used it as a weapon against one of the victims.

At one point, between 15 and 20 people surrounded one victim as the two alleged attackers continued to beat him, Antonietti said.

A witness on his way home from a party stumbled upon the scene.

“He was knocked out, completely,” said the 36-year-old witness. “He was on the ground, right by the alley. One guy hit him in the face, and another guy kicked him. It looked like he was going to die or something.”

When the witness rushed to aid the bleeding man, his attackers fled.

The two victims were taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital.