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US State Department warns Americans about visiting South Africa

Actual sign in Marloth Park, South Africa

The US State Department played a major role in turning South Africa over to the ANC. Now they are warning Americans not to go there because of all the violence.

From News24…

A warning issued to tourists by the United States says Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town are “critical crime threat spots”, The New Age reported on Wednesday.

The warning was released in a document by the US state department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

It states: “Violent and confrontational crime is a major concern [in South Africa]. Such crimes include home invasion robberies, burglaries, car-jackings, street muggings, smash-and-grabs, organised attacks on commercial and retail centres, bombings of ATM’s, as well as attacks on cash-in-transit vehicles and personnel.”

The report warns visitors that South African criminals do not hesitate to use lethal weapons and that townships should be avoided.

“Foreigners are not specifically targeted, but several have been the victims of rape,” the report said, according to the newspaper.

The US State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs explicitly warns US citizens not to use public transportation in South African.

Public Transportation: Public transportation accidents involving trains, buses, minibus taxis and private cars are a regular occurrence in South African and past incidents have resulted in deaths or serious injuries. In addition, minibus taxis and buses have been targeted by criminal elements for hijacking and robbery. Often, the safety and security standards on public transportation systems – especially in urban areas and townships – in South Africa are not on par with what travelers would expect in the United States. The use of individual metered taxis from established taxi companies and tour buses is recommended. The Gautrain, which travels between the airport and Johannesburg/Pretoria, is considered a very reliable and safe mode of transportation.