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Who visits the CofCC website?

According to Alexa, the leading authority on Internet traffic, this website gets more US visitors than the SPLC or ADL websites. Even though the SPLC and ADL have full time staffs and get hundreds of links and positive plugs each month from major media websites.

Top ten countries over the past 30 days:

United States (Top Five States: TX, CA, FL, NY, GA)
United Kingdom
Canada (Ontario is the top province)
Germany (North Rhine Westphalia is the top state)
Australia (New South Wales is the top state)
Poland (Masovian is the top Lordship/State)
South Africa (Gauteng is the top province)
Netherlands (North Holland is the top region)
Sweden (Stockholm County is the top County)

The number one city is New York City, followed by Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Over half of our visitors from search engines over the past thirty days used some combination or fragment of CofCC/Council of Conservative Citizens or some combination of Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman.

66% of visitors were referred by another site. Social media is a larger source of traffic than search engines.