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58 people were killed during the 1992 LA race riots



Fidel Lopez was nearly beaten to death on the first day of the rioting. After brutally beating him, thugs spray painted his body black.

How many of you have ever seen any news report in any “mainstream” media outlet anywhere than said someone died during the Rodney King riots?

Another 2,000 people were injured and a billion dollars in property damage was done. After police were ordered to stand down, thugs burned and looted the city for six days. Sporadic copycat rioting occurred all over the nation in other cities.

Black rioters attacked whites, Asians, and Hispanics. Huge numbers of Hispanics also started their own riots and looted stores.

Several Korean store owners were arrested and charged with very serious felonies for firing warning shots to keep rioters at bay. The county coroners office says there are no confirmed deaths caused by these Koreans.

Police took video of several brutal murders, but the video was classified and only very high level law enforcement personnel have ever been allowed to view it.

51 men and 7 women died as a result of the riots
41 people were shot to death
7 died in traffic accidents caused by the riots
4 died in arsons
3 were beaten to death
2 were stabbed to death
1 elderly woman died of a heart attack while running from rioters

With thousands of thugs pledging to engage in a race riot over the George Zimmerman trial, all Americans need to know the facts about the Rodney King riots.

Police cover the body of Matthew Haines. He was a white man shot and killed by blacks in Long Beach, CA. Haines was helping a black female start her car when a mob of black thugs shot and killed him.




Cincinnati Race riots of 1991.