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6th Marxist gang member charged in Tinley Park, IL restaurant attack

Update: The father of Jason & Jeremy Hammond is currently serving time in an Illinois state prison for child molestation.

In May, 2012 18 masked thugs stormed into a family restaurant in a Chicago suburb armed with clubs and bats. They began attacking random people. Some of the victims were holding a meeting for something called the Illinois Heritage Association. These were the main people the gang was targeting. However, the restaurant manager, an older man, and an elderly woman were also attacked. The manager was knocked down and savagely kicked while laying on the ground.

An international loose-knit violent Marxist gang known as ARA/Antifa claimed responsibility for the attack. Five of the perps were caught immediately and are presently incarcerated in an Illinois state prison. The far-left Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] has been downplaying and romanticizing the attack. They called the perpetrators “flawed freedom fighters.” The SPLC website has been interviewing the gangs leaders and posting links to the gang’s main US umbrella website for at least a year.

Marxist gang attacks restaurant in Tinley Park, IL
SPLC defends violent Marxist gang members
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Marxist gang claims responsibility for more violence in Chicago



Jason R. Hammond

From Tinley Park Patch…

A sixth suspect from the 2012 Ashford House attack was arrested Thursday at his Chicago home, police said.

Jason R. Hammond, 28, of the 3300 block of South Morgan Street, is charged with armed violence, aggravated battery and mob action, police said.Hammond was set to appear before a Cook County judge to set bond, police said.

Eighteen masked people entered the Tinley Park restaurant on May 19, 2012, armed with weapons and attacked an alleged white nationalist group holding a meeting. Five people were arrested shortly after the attack.

“We’ve been on this case very diligently since it happened,” said Tinley Park Police Chief Steven Neubauer. Investigators are working to track down the remaining dozen suspects from the attack.