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Black hockey player treated like a civil rights milestone

The media sure isn’t “post-racial” when it comes to reporting sports news. There is an open obsession about race.


The NHL Draft 2013 results are here and the though Seth Jones slid all the way down to no. 4, the Jay-Z sports client has made history as the first African-American player to be selected with top-five pick.

“I think I can be a solid defenseman, produce a little bit offensively, as well,” Seth tells the USA Today. “I know people say it takes time for defensemen to really grow in the league, a couple years at least, so hopefully I can prove that theory wrong.”

Willie O’Ree, the first black player in NHL history, was at the Prudential Center to shake the hand of the defenseman who made history.

“I’m still alive to see this, and I’m thrilled,” say Willie O’Ree, 77, who played for the Boston Bruins in 1958.

Jones was ranked no. 1 by a few NHL teams, but his final destination was at the Nashville Predators via a no. 4 spot. The no. 1 pick was Nathan MacKinnon who was selected by the Colorado Avalanche, and Alexander Barkov was no. 2; the Finnish center was chosen by the Florida Panthers. Third overall pick Jonathan Druin goes to Tampa Bay Lighting. He was MacKinnon’s linemate with Halifax of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League reported the USA Today.