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BLOODBATH in NYC. Five people shot for calling the police after attack on daughter.

A witness talks

A witness describes the attackers to media. Most media outlets censored descriptions of the attackers. Channel 4 NBC New York screen capture.

Four members of the same family and another random bystander were injured, some seriously, when a group of thugs opened fire on them. The previous day, the same thugs made sexual advances at the family’s 18 year old daughter while she was working at a McDonalds. When she denied their advances they became enraged and threw a milkshake at her. Her father called police and filed a report.

The next day the family was riddled with bullets in broad daylight and in front of multiple eyewitnesses. The witnesses told police and media that the suspects were black males.  Every single local media outlet except for Channel 4 NBC New York censored the race of the perpetrators. All five victims are Hispanic.

Some of the injuries are serious, but all five victims are expected to survive. The shooting took place near the Hope Housing Project.

From New York Daily News (notice the race of the suspects is intentionally censored)…

Five people were shot when a gunman opened fire on a family near a Brooklyn, N.Y., park Saturday — and some friends suggested the gunplay was retaliation because one of the victims had gone to the cops about a milkshake tossed in his daughter’s face.

Ronaldo Pizarro, 45, was with his wife, Melody Amill, 37, his 22-year-old son and two other relatives near Hope Ballfield on Menahan St. in Bushwick when at least one man in a group of four ran over and opened fire, sources and witnesses said.

“I heard the gunshots,” said Ivet Hernandez, 46, who looked out the window as the group of young men, who were all wearing white T-shirts, ran away after the 2:20 p.m. shooting.

Pizarro took a bullet in his stomach, his wife was hit in the knee and Pizaro’s son Ronaldo Jr. was hit in the leg, sources and a relative said.

Pizarro’s 45-year-old aunt, Wanda Espinoza, was shot in her stomach and another relative, 62-year-old Manuel Rivera, was hit by a slug in his ankle.

A friend of the family’s said that the shooting could have been in retaliation for the elder Pizarro going to police on Thursday.
His 18-year-old daughter was allegedly harassed by a group of young men while she was working a shift at a nearby McDonald’s restaurant, the neighbor said. The teen refused their advances before one of the men tossed a milk shake in her face.

From New York Post (description of suspects completely omitted)…

A gunman opened fire in a Brooklyn park yesterday in a senseless act of revenge — wounding five people, including two bystanders sitting on a porch, witnesses and officials said.

The shooter, accompanied by three other men and two women, fired multiple times at a crowd at Hope Ballfield in Bushwick at around 2:15 p.m., witnesses said.

The shooter was at large, but witnesses said cops did nab a unidentified man when he returned to the scene to retrieve the discarded gun.

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