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Broward County Sheriff’s Department publishes anti-riot public service announcements

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has taken note of the thousands of violent twitter messages.

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Perspective: 58 people were killed in the 1992 LA riots

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With a verdict looming on the horizon in the George Zimmerman murder case, south Florida police departments have put out a PSA urging people not to “throw rocks, be a rock” and other not-so-coded language discouraging a potential race riot if Zimmerman is acquitted.

The video, which you can watch above, features a white sheriff surrounded by a group of predominately African-American teenagers beseeching the viewer to “raise your voice and not your hands” when something about society is upsetting. They even get Miami Heat basketball player James Jones to say a few words. No one sounds enthusiastic about being in this video, not even the two kids rhyming at the beginning saying things like, “Let’s give violence a rest because we can easily end up arrested.”

Miami police are presently conducting anti-riot drills. The department claims it is just a coincidence that the drills are occuring near the end of the Zimmerman trial.