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CBS Sports slams LSU for not booting repeat offender

From CBS Sports…

Jeremy Hill is a violent predator. He’s a repeat offender. And he’s on the football team at LSU.

Why is Hill a violent predator, with multiple convictions at age 20? Because something’s wrong with him.

Why is he still on the football team at LSU? Because something’s wrong with LSU.

Hill doesn’t belong at Tiger Stadium being celebrated by 92,542 LSU fans, but if the courts in Louisiana won’t lock him away, far be it from LSU coach Les Miles to keep him away. Miles earns $4.3 million a year to win football games, so he’s not into doing the right thing. He’s into doing the winning thing — and Jeremy Hill helps him win. Hill is a great running back but a scary guy, viciously indiscriminant, guilty of preying sexually on a girl and preying violently on a young man.

In January 2012 Hill pleaded guilty to having “carnal knowledge” of an underage girl. The crime happened when Hill was a high school senior in Baton Rouge, a 6-foot-1, 220-pound football star, a man of 18.

She was 14.

Baton Rouge police said Hill pressured her into a sex act — and Hill wasn’t alone. Another 18-year-old, Avery Tate II, was with him when police said they pressured the girl into performing oral sex on them in the Redemptorist High locker room.

Les Miles gave him a scholarship — Hill was a four-star recruit — and then gave him the football. Miles doesn’t care what kind of person Jeremy Hill is, any more than Urban Meyer cared what kind of people were representing the University of Florida when he was winning national championships there. Miles is like Meyer (and too many other coaches) in that he wants to win, and he’ll play who he has to play to do it. How many drug tests did former Heisman finalist Tyrann Mathieu say he failed before LSU kicked him out of school? Ten?

Les Miles doesn’t care how bad you are. He cares only how good you are.

And so Jeremy Hill played for LSU last season. He ran for 755 yards and 12 touchdowns as a true freshman — with 684 yards and 10 touchdowns coming in the final seven games.

In April, he attacked Connor Baldridge.

Hill pleaded guilty Friday to misdemeanor simple battery, a legal term that doesn’t do justice to what happened April 27 outside a bar in Baton Rouge, La., when Jeremy Hill — wearing a purple shirt with “LSU” in big, gold letters across the chest — approached the 20-year-old Baldridge from behind and launched a leaping sucker-punch into his face.