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CDC: 10-30 million Americans may have received cancer causing virus with vaccine

Recently the CDC claimed that 10-30 million Americans may have been infected with a cancer causing virus when they took the polio vaccine. Shortly after the CDC posting this online, they took it back down.

Google cache confirms that the screen capture below really appeared on the Center for Disease Control website.

Japan and many European nations have formally recognized the dangers of over-vaccination in recent years. Much of the industrialized world is reducing the number of vaccinations given. The United States is doing the exact opposite.

The United States gives 36 mandated vaccinations. This is the highest in the world. The next highest is Canada at 28. The average number of vaccinations for first world nations is 18, one half of what the United States mandates. Japan, Sweden, Iceland, and Israel have reduced the number of mandated vaccinations to only 11. Hong Kong, Finland, Singapore, Denmark, and Italy are at 12 or 13. All of these nations have significantly lower rates of autism and cancer among children. They all have significantly lower mortality rates among children under 5. Source.

While the USA mandates 36 vaccines, we also have an open border allowing illegal aliens to re-introduce old diseases and new strands of diseases from all over the world. Does this make any sense? Think about whether it is really beneficial giving children 36 vaccines.