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Florida County Sheriff warns of possible flash mob racial violence over Zimmerman verdict

Broward County, Florida

Broward County is six counties away from the Zimmerman trial. However, the county sheriff has taken note of the barrage of violent racially charged twitter messages.

The Sheriff’s department held a meeting with pastors to discuss ways to prevent violence.

The department brought up the Lauderhill Mall riot last month, which was reported on this website. Messages on twitter drew nearly two hundred young blacks to the mall, many of whom then engaged in a giant mob fight. Lauderhill Mall is in Broward County. One County over is where Trayvon Martin protesters ransacked a store last year. This was also reported on this website at the time.


Police in Broward County fear that Twitter could be used to organize flash mob violence if George Zimmerman is acquitted, with authorities planning to flood the social network with anti-riot messages.

During a meeting last night attended by Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, numerous other law enforcement officials and dozens of local pastors, Sheriff’s Sgt. Eddie Grant pointed to a recent incident where a Twitter message about two girls planning to fight outside the Lauderhill Mall on June 26 prompted over 100 teenagers to arrive on the scene within minutes.

Authorities are concerned that flash mobs angry at the verdict could use Twitter to organize similar unrest. As we reported last week, a plethora of individuals have promised to stage riots and looting if George Zimmerman is found not guilty. The latest round of controversy focused on popular clothing brand ‘Illuminati’ – which yesterday tweeted to over a million followers, “The Only Justice for Trayvon Martin is to take the Life of George Zimmerman.”

The case already sparked looting by Trayvon Martin supporters last year when gangs of teenagers ransacked a Walgreens in north Miami in reaction to the fact that Zimmerman had not yet been arrested.

Detective Munib Ahmed outlined a plan to calm irate Trayvon supporters via Twitter during last night’s meeting, remarking, “What we’re concerned about is all the people starting rumors or instigating fights [through social media]. So we’re trying to get ahead of the game [and] quell the fight before it starts.”