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Media in Raleigh, NC cries racism over HUG WTE PPL sign

MarchDonnie Spell likes to show off his antique trackers in parades in Hope Mills, North Carolina. He usually flies Confederate flags and political signs from some of them and hauls an antique trailer full of watermelons.

However, the local left-wing boobs at WNCN and the Hope Mills Department of Parks and Recreation are crying racism over a sign saying “HUG WTE PPL.” The sign appears to be based off of a popular internet meme.

This may be the most non-racist, non-offensive “racist sign” of all time. Notice in the clip the media highlights a complaint on facebook and the user has a picture of Trayvon Martin as their avatar. I’m sure that is a really non-biased source!

WNCN: News, Weather for Raleigh. Durham, Fayetteville