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Media pretends even the most absurd claims of racism are real

A black male in Buffalo, New York hug a threatening sign, direct at himself, on his own balcony. He then called the media claiming he was a victim of racism. Channel 4 Buffalo dutifully ran out and pretended like the man had a legitimate complaints.

The man admits he wrote the sign himself. However, he says his Afro-Hispanic Puerto Rican neighbor previously wrote “Nigger” on a sign in his yard. The racial slur was written in the exact same handwriting as the sign the man admits writing himself. Even though it is blatantly obvious the man is lying, the news crew ambushes the neighbor and pretends like a real crime took place.

The entire segment is reminiscent of Piers Morgan claiming that Rachel Jeantel “is one smart cookie.”

‘N’-word on sign causes controversy