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New serial killer in Cleveland, Ohio


From UK Mail Online…

A man accused of murdering three women and hiding their bodies in plastic bags across East Cleveland told police he was inspired by a notorious serial killer who plagued the area two years ago, officers claim.

Registered sex offender Michael Madison, 35, was arrested in connection with the murders on Friday.

A woman’s body was found on Friday in a garage and two other bodies were found on Saturday – one in a nearby backyard and the other in the basement of a vacant house.

The search is continuing for further bodies today as police believe there may be more victims among the neighborhoods many vacant houses.

Police said the three bodies found were female, but they do not yet know the identities of any of the victims or the cause of death. All of the women were black and each body was wrapped in four or five plastic bags. The bodies have been sent to the coroner’s office.

Madison was arrested after a two-and-a-half hour standoff with police on Friday.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said that Madison said during police questioning that Sowell might have inspired the killings and told investigators there may be more bodies.


Cleveland still recovering from previous serial killer.

Authorities are drawing comparisons between the suspect and “Cleveland Strangler” Anthony Sowell. He killed at least eleven female victims between June 2007 to July 2009. The victims were raped, tortured, and killed. Another woman testified at the trial that she was raped by Anthony Sowell, but got away alive.

Sowell targeted black females who either had drug problems or where recovering drug users.

Sowell was called the “worst offender in the history of Cuyahoga County” by prosecutors.

Cleveland is also still reeling from the discover of three woman who had been missing for as long as ten years. Two brothers from Puerto Rico were holding the three women as sex slaves.


The home of Anthony Sowell is demolished.


The known victims of “Cleveland Strangler” Anthony Sowell.