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NYC city council member speaks at New Black Panther Party meeting


According to messages posted online by NBPP members, NYC city council members Charles Barron spoke at a meeting for the group on July 1st.

The meeting was held to support King Shamir Shabazz. This is the man who is on video screaming about murdering white babies at a Philadelphia street fair. He is also the main person from the infamous voter intimidation case in Philadelphia.

Shabazz was recently arrested for having a concealed handgun and body armor in New York City. Shabazz is a convicted felon. Shabazz pleading guilty to severely beating a man with a cane in 1995. He has also been arrested for domestic violence, but the alleged victim never showed up in court.

Leonard Jeffries, professor of black studies at the City College of New York, also spoke at the meeting.

Imagine if there was a group of white people who wore paramilitary uniforms and said they were training for an apocalyptic race war. Then imagine that a New York City council member spoke at one of their meetings. This would be the biggest news story in the USA. However, black politicians and black celebrities speak to this militant black groups all the time, and it is never even reported.

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