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CofCC member interviewed in Cincinnati paper

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From Cincinnati Enquirer…

In his first interview since his actions last week garnered national media attention, Sonny Thomas told The Enquirer he was trying to make a historical point in defense of a constitutional class the Warren County district had been considering but has since dropped.

Thomas, who says he is the head of the Springboro Tea Party, said he was trying to illustrate that history includes symbolic features that differ in meaning for different people during his three-minute long comments at Thursday’s Springboro Board of Education meeting.

At the end of his comments, he unrolled the Confederate flag while at the speaker’s podium.

He now complains “people automatically skewed it to being racist.”

“I asked the (board meeting) audience, if this flag offends you (because) to most people in the South this is heritage, not hate,” Thomas said. “My point was to educate and inform.”

Thomas said he also spoke on how African Americans should consider themselves “lucky” to live in America, rather than Africa because of the genocide killings that occur in some of the continent’s nations.

Thomas said he is disappointed that the school board backed away from offering a class on America’s Constitution, which he said would have included instructions on the religious origins and motivations of many of the founding fathers.