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Somali immigrants protest racism in South Africa

From Hiiraan…

With the targeted assassinations against Somali expatriates in South Africa on the rise, members of the Somali community took to the streets in the South African cities of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth on Friday to try to put the matter of the targeted assassinations against Somalis before an international audience in a bid to get the world put pressure on South African government tackle the matter immediately.

The demonstrations come as South African gangs and racists started an unprecedented wave of assassinating Somali community members with at least two young men have been stoned to death in South Africa since last week.

Some video clips posted on face book and Somali websites showed South Africans stoning the two Somali men to death as police cars passing near, with racists publicly doing the brutal killings at large.

The new system of killings worsened the already deteriorating living situations for the Somali expatriates in South Africa. There are different foreign communities in South Africa but the assassinated are only Somalis.

Somali embassy in South Africa several times urged the South African government tackle the brutality, but still killings are under way with stoning to death campaign is a new act that made things worse than ever before.