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The large violent underclass in Sanford, Florida

Sanford, Florida’s Violent Underclass
by Kyle Rogers

On February 26, 2012 George Zimmerman was forced to shoot Trayvon Martin to protect his own life. The incident has been a major media event ever since. We keep hearing that George Zimmerman “profiled” Trayvon. President Barack Obama held a national press conference to claim that black males are unfairly “profiled.”

Sanford, Florida has a large, violent, criminal underclass. How do I know this? For starters, many of the thugs advertise that they are thugs on social media. Charleston Thug Watch recently demonstrated that there are a large number of young blacks males advertising their thug/criminal lifestyle on twitter. It doesn’t take much work to find accounts on Facebook of Sanford residents flashing guns and gang signs.

However, the evidence does not stop there. Sanford only has 53,500 people. Thirty percent are black, twenty percent are Latino, five percent are Asian, and the rest are white. For 53,500 there is an absolutely stunning amount of shocking, outrageous, and horrific crimes.

Horrific, near fatal, hammer attack in Sanford. March 27th, 2012


Yahaziel Israel

A fifty year old white man was brutally beaten with a hammer by two black males. A witness saw the attack and called police. The victim’s injuries were severe and he was left with serious permanent damage. It was probably the intent of the suspects to kill him. The suspects are Julius Bender and Yahaziel Israel. When this horrific incident took place it only received a small blip in the news. The Orlando Sentinel censored the race of the victim even though it was in the police report. In an e-mail, the Orlando Sentinel writer who wrote the report freely admitted that the race of the victim was censored on purpose. Shortly after I started writing about the incident on and this website, the Orlando Sentinel even scrubbed the suspect’s mug shots.

At the time of the attack, Trayvon Martin was local news in every market in the entire United States. Yet all this man got was a small censored blurb in the local daily. It stands to reason that the media’s Trayvon Martin frenzy at least partially emboldened the perps to attack this man. I interviewed the victim’s sister. I also uncovered significant circumstantial evidence of a racial motive that the victim’s sister then gave to police.

You may have noticed that one of the suspects has a Hebrew name. His father is the local leader of a murderous anti-white religious cult. They call themselves the true Hebrews and believe they are preparing for a race war with white people. The group is called “Nation of Yahweh” and it is run by the notorious cult leader Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Members of the group have been convicted of crimes for their roles in fourteen murders and two attempted murders. Watchdogs believe that the cult is responsible for even more. The group’s leader served eleven years for his role in the murders. Yahaziel’s sister also has a Hebrew name, suggesting that his father raised them in the murderous cult.

Four shot, including pregnant woman, in two drive-by shootings two days apart. April 2th-4th, 2012

Black males opened fired into a large crowd in front of a home. Three people, including a pregnant woman, were injured. All three survived. The baby was unharmed. The neighborhood is overwhelmingly black as well as particularly notorious. It was the second shooting in the same neighborhood in only only three days.

During the first shooting a black male victim was seriously injured. Some other victims had their car shot up, but were not injured. The perp was a black male.

Good Samaritan attacked and then persecuted for defending himself. April 17th, 2012

Corey Rose was pistol whipped in the back of the head by a black man yelling a racial slur. Rose was forced to pull his own gun and defend himself.

Corey Rose with visible injuries on his face.

Corey Rose was trying to break up an altercation outside of the apartment complex he lived in. When he turned his back, a black male bashed his head with a gun while yelling a racial slur. The attacker then ran behind a car while firing at Corey Rose. The victim was forced to defend himself with a concealed handgun. The attacker was shot multiple times but lived.

Numerous eyewitness told police and media that Rose had no choice but to fire. However Rose was arrested and charged with attempted murder. A lot of people defended Corey online. It was widely suggested that the decision to charge him right away was politically motivated because of the media’s Trayvon Martin frenzy.

In the mushot taken of Corey Rose he has multiple visible injuries on his face.

70 year old man brutally beaten unconscious by thugs. September 3rd, 2012

Howard Lay, a white male, owned a shop across the street from an animal shelter. The shelter had been broken into multiple times. Lay was found beaten unconscious in the parking lot of the animal shelter with numerous possessions stolen. The owner of the pet shelter believed that he had heard noises and came over to investigate. This was given minor coverage in local media and then completely dropped. The media never even reported the description of the suspects or ever said if anyone had been arrested.

In all likelihood, the media chose not to report the description of the violent at large suspects because they were black. Many media outlets, including the Orlando Sentinel, believe political correctness is more important than public safety.

Pregnant woman beaten in mob attack. February 14th, 2013

Police arrested 12 black males and females, ranging in age from 12 to 42 for a vicious mob attack on another black female. Ashley Flournoy was beaten by a large group of neighbors despite being six month pregnant. If this incident had happened in a white neighborhood and involved white people, it would have been a national media event.

The perpetrators told police they didn’t know she was pregnant. However, a witness says that a man yelled “we don’t care if you’re pregnant” during the attack. One of the perps said the mob attack was to get revenge for Flournoy allegedly throwing a rock at his car. Flournoy has been arrested several times for minor non-violent offenses.


All of these shocking crimes occurred in Sanford within one year of the Trayvon incident. These are not the only shootings and beatings, there were others. These are just some of the worst ones. Young black males are committing crime in Sanford at an astronomical rate. Not just crimes, but shocking, horrific violent crimes on a regular basis. If you were a resident of Sanford, would you be more cautious around young black males? Is racial profiling justified if it keeps people safer? Can any Sanford resident be blamed for using more caution around young black males?