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Trayvon supporters mass at the scene of self-defense shooting in Little Rock, AR


Update: The “racist” cop who shot Deon Williams in self-defense is black himself.

Yesterday Deon Williams was shot and killed by a police officer in Little Rock, Arkansas. The suspect dropped a handgun while fleeing from police. He then picked up the gun and the officer shot him in self-defense.

Over the weekend Trayvon Martin supporters protested at the capitol building in Little Rock. Shortly after the shooting, Trayvon Martin supporters began arriving at the scene of the shooting. Many were invoking the name of Trayvon Martin. Some referring to Deon Williams as “Little Rock’s own Trayvon.” Some also held signs reading “Justice for Bobby Moore.” You can also hear “f$%^ the police” and racial slurs being yelled at police officers.

Protesters are reportedly still at the scene today, Tuesday, July 16th.

From Fox…

A fatal police shooting in Little Rock, Ark. sparked local protests Monday, in the midst of national controversy over the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

FOX16 reported that Little Rock police officer Terry McDaniel killed 26-year-old Deon Williams by firing at least two shots from his service weapon at around 11:30 a.m. Monday. The department said in a statement that Williams was fleeing on foot from McDaniel when a handgun dropped out of his waistband. The statement said that Williams looked toward the police officer, picked up the handgun, and started to get to his feet. At that point, McDaniel fired his weapon. Williams was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The pursuit had begun when Williams fled the Chevrolet Suburban he was driving as McDaniel and another officer approached the car. According to the statement from police, the officers thought the vehicle matched a description of a stolen car that had been reported, and also had an expired license plate.

Shemedia Shelton, a friend of Williams, told FOX16 that the vehicle belonged to her and had not been stolen.

Video of protesters on Monday, July 15th.