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Trial to begin for young thugs that committed murder during Indianapolis hate crime spree last Feb.

Sirquain Burr and Gabriel Edwards are about to go on trial for crime spree last February. They were 17 and 15 at the time.

They are accused of killing 38-year-old John Yingling and shooting 64-year-old Rex Souter. A 62-year-old victim was threatened at gun point. A woman was mugged in her own garage. All four victims are white. Indianapolis is only 50% white, so it seems the perps deliberated targeted white people.

The crime spree ended with a high-speed police chase, where the thugs smashed their stolen car into two other cars.

Both are hardcore thugs with serious criminal records. The 15-year-old had already mugged an 85-year-old woman. One of the thugs was already in an ankle bracelet when he was arrested, but it seems that no one was actually paying attention to what he was doing.


The teens accused in a deadly February crime spree are scheduled to go on trial next month.

Sirquain Burr, 18, and Gabriel Edwards, 15, are scheduled to go on trial on Aug. 26 for murder, attempted murder, robbery and other crimes in the Feb. 13 spree that led to the death of John Yingling.

During a brief hearing today, Marion Superior Court Judge Mark Stoner also scheduled pre-trial hearings for Burr and Edwards for Aug. 20.

Prosecutors say Burr shot Yingling, 38, to death during an attempted robbery in the driveway of Yingling’s home near Southport while Edwards waited nearby behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle.

The teens are also accused of shooting Rex Souter, 64, who was walking his dog at Dandy Trail and Rutherglen Way; and the attempted armed robbery of Kenneth Winslow in the 7400 block of Earl Court.

The crime spree ended with a high-speed chase and multi-car wreck

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